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About this blog and its author

Hi there,

My name is Klaus and this is my personal weblog. I am in my 30s, I work in the field of Information Technology and I am happily married to my lovely wife, Niina. We currently live in Vancouver, Canada where we moved in spring 2012 after having lived from 5.5 years in Germany. We first lived one year in the city of Dortmund after which we spent four and half years in the capital city of Berlin. We are both originally from Finland, but we been living abroad since September 2006 when also this blog got started.

In this blog I write about our life, travels and current topics in Canada, Germany and the world. Unfortunately for international visitors my blog is written in Finnish, which is one of the toughest languages to learn and online translators are still a long way from being a great help in translating my writings. It is a conscious choice for me to be writing my blog in Finnish as there are not many comprehensive Finnish blogs about life in Vancouver and Berlin in the web. I would like to write some of my blog posts also in English, but until this date there has not been enough time to to do that. All current posts written in English can be found in here.

One major theme of my blog is photography which I have been very enthusiasted about since 2009 when I bought my very first DLSR camera. Since then I have been learning more about photography and post-processing photos, which is demonstrated by the constantly improving quality of photos on this. I also post many of my photos on several internet forums and you are welcome to share or use them, as long as you keep the watermarks on them.

I also sell my photos for printing purposes, so if you are interested in discussing such, please send me an email.

My blog is self-hosted on a web hotel, allowing me to fully customize its appearance. I write myblog 100% as a hobby and it is completely non-commercial without me (intentionally) making no money from writing it. I just love sharing stories about living abroad and blog’s name Vuosia Maailmalla literally means years abroad, highlighting the length of time we have spent living abroad. As of today there are 1096 posts on this blog.

I hope you enjoy my blog despite the language barrier and at least photos translate to any language! Please feel free to send me an email on anything, as I am always happy to receive comments and ideas. Thank you.

Klaus Johansson
July 11th 2015


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  1. Great pictures you have, saw them on the Skyscraper website. Great choice to live in Vancouver 🙂 I did the same, many, many years ago, originally from The Netherlands, then made Canada my home. I enjoy looking at your pictures as it involved a lot of hiking to get the nice shots. Sorry I do not know any Finnish but I have to fill in some things at the bottom of this so I will gamble…..

    1. Hi Nellie,

      And thank you for your kind words. Well done managing to post your reply, despite the site being in Finnish! 🙂 I hope would have the time to write more also in English, but there is so much to write about that I am struggling to find the time even in justone language!

      Great to hear from another immigrant and I have to say that I do love living in Canada. It is such a beautiful country and offer so much in terms of outdoors and recreation, and not just in Vancouver (although we are totally spoiled in here). I am happy to hear that you have found my photos nice and I will be posting a lot more in the future! Stay tuned.

      All the best.



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