Herman Miller Aeron Review

As an office worker and an active blogger, every day consists of long periods of sitting in front of my computer. But man was never made to be sitting all day long, which is why there are times when one feels the pain from sitting for hours. Unfortunately there is no magic pill to solve this problem and frequent breaks and exercise are the only thing that will help ease the stress on your body. Even then, it is also essential to have a proper and comfortable chair to be seated in.

I began thinking about buying a new office chair a long while ago, but only two years ago I started to really explore different options. Doing your research is definitely worthwhile, as there are hundreds of different chairs claiming to be designed with ”ergonomics in mind”. Seating comfort is a very personal taste and there is no one chair that will please everyone, which is why it is important to carefully explore different options and visit a store to try different chairs in practice.

It is safe to say that investing in a good chair with lots of features will pay off big time in the long run. Unfortunately good chairs cost quite a bit, all the way from few hundred bucks to several thousands of dollars. Hence buying a new chair can be a rather big spending decision and one needs to carefully compare different options. Remember, that once you make your decision, you may be stuck with it for years to come.

Herman Miller Aeron

After doing lengthy research, I started to lean towards a reputable American chair and furniture manufacturer Herman Miller and their 1994 introduced Aeron, which is considered a classic by many. Aeron was one of the very first ergonomically designed office chairs and which has made it as a permanent exhibition piece at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. During the last two decades, tens of thousands of Aerons have been sold and it became to be known as one of the Dot Com tech bubble symbols which found in many offices during that time.

Aeron is regarded a classic by many

One of the great things about Aeron is how customizable the chair is, allowing buyers to pick and choose from a long list of features, that add to its ergonomics and aesthetics. The basic model comes in simple, yet sturdy, but paying extra will give you a lot more adjustability. I ended up buying one of the top models, which has features such as adjustable lower back support called PostureFit, a relaxing tilting with an option to lock the chair in different positions and adjust the tension of the tilt. Both of the chair arms can also be adjusted separately and the chair is covered with a special breathing fabric mesh, that doesn’t make you sweat. The crown in the cake is the chrome treatment of the legs which makes the chair look very sharp and contemporary.

Lots of options for adjustment

I purchased my Aeron in late 2014 and have since sat on it for few thousand hours in front of two different desks. My verdict is that it has great and durable materials that feel both nice and high quality. Also the sitting comfort is very good, however replacing a cheap chair with Aeron didn’t feel that special immediately. The thing is that one has to learn to adjust the chair and find the right settings for oneself, which takes time. After having found my favorite settings, I find the chair comfortable to sit on for hours on end without feeling tired. This was definitely not the case with my old chair, where I felt tired after only a few hours.

Good chair is something every blogger needs

Based on my experience, I am very pleased with my purchase, although no chair will totally eliminate the downsides of sitting for hours. I look forward to be using my Aeron for years to come and I am very delighted that Herman Miller offers every Aeron with a 12-year unlimited warranty. Aerons also retain their resale value very well, which is great for an item that can cost a four-figure sum.

Aeron is a great companion for a home office

Based on personal experience I would feel comfortable (pun intended) to recommend Herman Miller’s classic Aeron to anyone looking to invest in a new office chair. I still have to stress that one needs to give one a try before deciding to buy and buying the right size (A, B or C) is essential.

Be also on a lookout for Herman Miller’s semi-annual sales event, where brand new chairs are being sold 15% off. Use the money saved to get yourself an add-on feature you like. One should also consider buying an used Aeron, as these chairs are so sturdy and durable, that they should be in a good shape after several years. Mine still feels like the day I bought it.

Update on March 23rd, 2024

At this point, I have been owning my Aeron chair for almost a decade. During this time it has been extremely faithful in serving me daily, as I work almost fully remote and spend several hours on it every single day. Compared to any other office chair I have used, Aeron continues to be very comfortable and it has helped to keep back pains away (having a great mattress also helps a great deal).

The build quality of this thing is legendary and during all these years the chair has developed only few squeaks, but otherwise everything works perfectly and there is minimal visible wear and tear. For this reason alone, I consider my purchase hugely successful and I don’t see any reason why the chair wouldn’t last me another ten years!

The only thing I have had little regret on is the fabric mesh I went with, as I believe the standard black mesh would probably be even more comfortable, but overall this has only been a small regret. I highly recommend the Herman Miller Aerons!

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    1. Hi there,

      I have actually had the chair for almost 5 years now and continue to like it. It is comfortable and I like the adjustability of it. There has been very little wear and tear, even though I am not overprotective of how I use the chair. It is a great buy that will last for years.

      You may want to spend some time being sure which of the three sizes you are. I have the largest chair and then to have a small pillow between my back and the backrest., but that has just been my preference. You should also try getting a chance to try out the different fabrics and mesh, as we have Aerons at the office as well and I do like the default one a bit more than the one I ended up buying at home, which feels a bit more firm.

      So in short, it’s a high-quality chair with a timeless design, but you may want to get a chance to try out some of the options in a store before investing into one.

      I hope that helps!



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